26 Oct 2013: Greece

Golf has taken me to some amazing places-Argentina, Turkey, Dubai… I could go on a while naming over 20 US states and most of Europe- and this week I was lucky enough to add Greece, more specifically the island of Crete to my list. Not only was I lucky enough to travel to Crete but the tournament ( The Crete Ladies Open) was sponsored by the Grecotel hotel group and so the players had the pleasure of enjoying the luxuries of Grecotel’s 5 star Amirandes Hotel for the week (see picture below-it was pretty amazing!)

Unfortunately, my golf was not nearly as amazing as the hotel! My game feels in good shape, but is not yet transferring to tournaments how I would like. I am excited however to be meeting with an expert in NLP (basically reprogramming the way you think) this week who will hopefully give me some tools to help build my confidence and play more freely in tournaments-free of the fear that I feel is currently hindering my performances.

Lots learned as always, more work to do, but hard work and perseverance pay off, and I am confident my hard work will begin to translate into results the stronger that my mind becomes.